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History and present

The history of Paskov probably begins in the first half of the 13th century at the latest, but the first written mention of Paskov appears only in 1267, in the will of Bishop Bruno of Schaumburg.

Since its founding, Paskov has been part of the episcopal property in northeastern Moravia. Paskov was held by many owners over the following centuries, some of whom made a significant mark in the history of the village:

Jan of Žerotín, the owner of the local manor in the years 1507-1525,  was responsible for the beginning of the ponds here – around 1515, the existence of several ponds in the vicinity of Paskov is mentioned, before the middle of the 16th century there were already a number of large lordly ponds. At the same time, fish farming is developing in southern Bohemia.

Jan of Pernštejn significantly influenced the history of the village in 1538, who agreed with the then Olomouc bishop Stanislav Thurz to release Paskov from the subordination of the bishopric. Paskov thus became a free manor and was thus registered in the land registers.

Ctibor Syrakovský from Pěrkov rebuilt the original fortress into a renaissance castle at the end of the 16th century.

In the 1640s, Paskov, including the local castle, was repeatedly burned down by Swedish troops. The castle was restored only after the end of the Thirty Years' War after 1650, thanks to Jan František Bruntálský from Vrbno, who already rebuilt the castle in the baroque style. Jan František inherited the estate from his father Václav Bruntálský from Vrbno. Their family owned the manor here for 66 long years.

Other important owners were the Earls of Oppersdorf.  František Josef from Oppersdorf, owner of the estate at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, he founded in 1699 the settlement of Oprechtice, which today is part of the city of Paskov. Thanks to him, Emperor Josef I granted Paskov the right to hold so-called "annual cattle and horse markets" in 1708.

We must not forget Countess Marie Paulina von Fürstenbusch, who owned the Paskov estate in the years 1734-1758, and thanks to her generous support, the original wooden buildings of the church and rectory were replaced by new brick buildings in the baroque style. She also donated a self-painted image of the Virgin Mary to the church.

The last owners of the Paskov manor were the Stolberg count family from 1880 till 1945.

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